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personal summary

Computers and programming have been part of my life since I was very young. In college, I started as a student assistant in the computer lab and worked my way up to system programmer. After graduation, I was hired by the newly established Computer Science Program to manage their computer systems, install networks and repair computers. Since then, I've taken many opportunities to expand my technical base and develop additional skills. I believe my background in nontechnical areas (communications, graphic arts, administration) gives me a unique set of skills when coupled with my technical abilities. I'm a geek that can communicate. I can take even vague requirements or expressions of intent and produce entire systems using appropriate technology. If an appropriate technology isn't in my repertoire, I learn it. If I find it doesn't exist, I've built it. I can work quickly and effectively with little supervision and possess a tremendous drive to exceed expectations. One supervisor commented that he didn't manage me, he just got out of my way. I enjoy diagnosing and solving problems, fixing them and moving on to new challenges. I also enjoy learning new skills and helping others implement their visions.

technical summary

Web Technologies: Apache, IIS, ASP, ASP.NET, CSS3, HTML5, HTTP, ECMAScript/JavaScript, jQuery, VBScript, Perl, PHP.

Networking and System Management: Active Directory, DNS, LDAP, Microsoft Windows, NFS, AFS, AppleShare, Unix, TCP/IP, OS X, OpenVMS.

Programming/Scripting Languages: C, C++, C#, FORTRAN, BASIC, COBOL, LISP, Perl, VBA, VB.NET.

Database: Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle (SQL Developer), MySQL.

Other: Photoshop, Microsoft Access, Serena Collage CMS.

professional experience
07.2012 to 03.2014

Contract programmer (through TEKsystems), Talisen Technologies, creve coeur, mo.

Lead UI Developer on a team that designs and supports a web-based supplier and contract tracking application for Boeing and the United States Air Force.

  • Documentation.
  • Application support and bug fixes.
  • Needs analysis.
  • New screen design and development.

Environment: Perl, jQuery, Oracle and SQL Developer, Apache on Unix.

01.2008 to present

Consultant, St. Louis Community College (

Providing programming, system design and implementation as well as content management support for Web applications. Creation of Active Directory utilities.

Highlights include:

  • Created a prototype mobile site using ASP.NET (VB) and jqTouch.
  • Extensive modifications of existing Interactive Class Schedule (ICS) to add AJAX and cookie features so the printed version could be discontinued. (Saving $180K/year in printing costs.)
  • Creation of interactive wizards for students to self-diagnose common problems logging in and accessing Blackboard. (Cutting calls to help desk by 80%.)
  • Creation of a common object classes to standardize and streamline application development (parameter filtering and truncating, retrieving database records).
  • Creation of an application to store services provided and to allow the automated submission of service tickets via an application proxy.
  • Application to register students for a math contest.
  • Sophisticated JavaScript code for prospective students to register for campus tours.
  • Implementation of a common infrastructure for standardized collection of demographic information for prospective students.
  • Implementation of a Web interface and XML log-file analysis so students can check whether their Windows Live accounts are provisioned.
  • Implementation of utility routines that update Active Directory and scan it to identify maintenance issues.
  • Updates to master pages and development of new functionality via content management system (Serena Collage).
  • Application to display faculty credentials from enterprise data sources.
  • Application to display course descriptions.
  • Application to display online databases for the library.
  • Application to display timed messages on the Web site.
  • Implementation of an RSS-feed database backend.
  • Application to submit equipment requests to the College's ticketing system.
  • Application to track available scholarships and present them on the public site.
  • Configure Google search appliance.
  • Documentation of projects including disaster recovery steps.


  • 2010: Certificate of Appreciation for Identity Integration and Self-service Password Reset project.
  • 2008: Certificate of Appreciation; National Council of Marketing and Public Relations - District 5; Silver Medallion Award.
  • 2008: Certificate of Recognition for contributions to the Web Redesign Project.

Enviroment: Visual Studio, Microsoft SQL Server, IIS, ASP.NET, ASP, Oracle, Active Directory, Serena Collage CMS, jQuery, jQuery Mobile, PhotoShop.

11.2005 to 08.2006

Manager, Electronic Communications, St. Louis Community College (

College's first Manager of Electronic Communications. Areas of responsibility for the electronic communications group were: Authorization of Active Directory accounts for the College's primary domain; managing e-mail infrastructure (Microsoft Exchange, 6,000 users); SPAM/junk mail perimeter defenses, and the Web infrastructure (intranet and extranet). The staff consisted of five employees.

  • Operating system updates.
  • Staff development and training.
  • Responsible for keeping up with industry trends for planning operating and capital budget requests.
  • Identified opportunities for improvements in the Web infrastructure.
  • Technical representative for the College on committee tasked to review and approve proposals for new public Web-site design.
  • Responsible for system performance monitoring, capacity planning, backups and disaster-recovery plans for supported systems.
  • Employee assessments and reviews.

Environment: Microsoft Windows; Exchange 2000; ASP.NET; ASP; WebTrends; Google search appliance; Hyperion (data warehouse), HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Photoshop.

09.2003 to 10.2005

Programmer analyst, Washington University School in St. Louis, School of Medicine, Department of Pediatrics; .

Responsible for day-to-day updates of web content including design, implementation and programming.

  • Implemented new web site design in July 2004.
  • Added significant user interface and ease-of-maintenance features.
  • Received a one-time performance cash bonus in FY 04-05.

Environment: Windows 2000/XP, IIS, Perl, ASP.NET (VB/Visual Studio), Visual SourceSafe, Microsoft Access, VBA, SQL Server Enterprise Manager, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, XML, Photoshop.

10.1995 to 12.2002

Manager of Electronic Communications, University of Missouri-Kansas City (; Creative Services (Division of Advancement).

Responsible for central Web presence (organization, programming, new functionality, maintenance, log file analysis). 50,000+ page views per day.

  • University's first Manager of Electronic Communications.
  • Responsible for central Web presence (organization, programming, new functionality, maintenance, log file analysis). 50,000+ page views per day (a lot at the time).
  • Succeeded in obtaining $150,000/year rate funding for Electronic Communications.
  • Divisional representative on the Information Technology Advisory Council. (Steering committee for campus IT initiatives.)
  • Member of the Chancellor's Extended Cabinet. (A 150+ member group acting in an advisory capacity to the Chancellor.)
  • Member ASP (Administrative Services Project) Liaisons. Group formed to help coordinate five-year project to replace legacy systems with multi-tier client/server system.
  • Member IT Liaisons. Technical liaison between Information Services and University Communications.
  • Responsible for analyzing, designing and writing Web-based custom applications: class schedules (three times a year), commencement materials, faculty/staff directory, custom spider and search capability across all campus sites, Web site creation and editing.
  • Yearly technical responsibility to produce the University's academic catalog in both online and printed formats. Coordinated updates from dozens of academic and administrative units. Responsible for meeting scheduled due dates and producing hard-art for printed version of the catalog using an online editor I designed and implemented. It was being used for the 9th time in Fall, 2004 and was not retired until 2008.
  • Provided centralized services and consulting for units with their own sites.
  • Supervise two part-time employees and one work-study student.


  • 2002: "Bronze Quill" award for from the Kansas City IABC (International Association of Business Communicators). (I implemented the site. The designer and editor shared the award.)
  • 2001: Web site received an "A-" from

Environment: Windows 2000, IIS, Perl, JavaScript, HTML, Photoshop, LaTeX, Macintosh, AppleShare.

02.1989 to 1995.09

Systems and Network Manager, Computer Science Telecommunications Program, University of Missouri-Kansas City.

  • Overall responsibility for maintenance of VMS cluster that was used for research and coursework including operating system updates, backups and hardware installation.
  • Designed and installed Computer Sciences' network.
  • Implemented a common file system between VMS, UNIX, Windows and Macintosh personal computers.
  • Broad number of responsibilities evaluating, installing, upgrading and end-user support for a wide variety of computer systems and networking equipment in a very diverse environment.
  • Responsible for monitoring network security.
  • Implemented time- and labor-saving scripts to automate systems and networking functions and provide greater reliability.
  • Designed and implemented transition from super-mini computers to desktop client/server systems saving $100,000/year in maintenance.
  • Repaired Macintosh computers. (Certified Macintosh Repair Technician.)
  • Coordinated operations with a Unix system manager and technical assistant.
  • Established first campus Web site fall of 1993.

Environment: OpenVMS (VAX and AXP hardware); Unix: SunOS, BSD, Ultrix, others; DCL, C, FORTRAN, Perl, Macro, VMS System Services, HTML, PCs (Windows 3.1, Windows NT), Macintosh, PathWorks, LAVC, TCP/IP, LAT, AppleTalk, NFS, Sendmail, DNS, DECnet, Terminal Servers, GatorBoxes, Network Bridges, Network Repeaters, Ethernet.

06.1988 to 02.1989

Member of the performance group, Cerner Corporation, Kansas City, Mo.

One of three employees who provided remote system management for 30 to 40 clients across the nation.

  • One of three employees who provided remote system management for 30 to 40 clients across the nation.
  • Wrote automated downtime file maintenance procedure (in DCL) to do automated file maintenance on client systems.
  • Dialed in remotely to client systems to adjust system parameters and optimize large customer databases.

Environment: OpenVMS (VAX and AXP hardware), RMS, DCL, CCL (Cerner Command Language).

1977 to 1988

Prior experience available upon request.


University of Missouri-Kansas City

B.S., Computer Science

personal interests

Photography, technology, driving, reading, writing, travel, discovery and the occasional adventure including skydiving, bungee jumping and white-water rafting.

When your work speaks for itself, don't interrupt.

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