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What is this?

Lots of things interest me. In academic terms, I enjoy both sciences and humanities. In this case, projects is a very generic term. A project could be a specific item, an idea I've had but not fully developed — lots of those — or simply a hobby. Ultimately, I'm not sure what all will appear here, but I guess that's the interesting part.

Like anyone who has been doing computing for a while, I've got some projects that I've worked on that I enjoyed or that I am proud of*. It's not a traditional resumé, so we'll just call it a CV (curriculum vitae). (I just noticed, the words we use to describe listing what we've accomplished in life are both foreign terms. Never occurred to be before.)

*Yes, I know I ended the sentence with a preposition. Even though I can be as pretentious as the next individual, "of which I'm proud" is a bit over the top even for me.