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Viewing the Albums

The albums use a JavaScript (JS) plugin called Galleria to display the images. The first image in the album always appears. Controls for the album appear at the bottom of the panel. Those on the left show/hide the thumbnails and start/stop a slide show. On the right you can pop out the images by themselves or switch to full-size mode.

You can manually flip through the images by clicking on the left- or right-hand sides of the picture. Flipping past the end of the album to the right takes you back to the beginning. Likewise, flipping backwards past the first image takes you to the end.

If you start the slide show, it will flip through the pictures for you, one every 5 seconds. A progress/timing bar moves cross the top of the image.

Use the gallery link in the heading to go back and choose a different album. (Of course, the back button on your browser will probably work too.)

The initial size of the album window is based on a percentage of the size of your browser window. So, if you resize your window, just hit refresh to resize the album.

About the Images

First off, all of the images are mine. I retain the copyright on them all. Please do not reproduce them without my permission.

Most were taken with my Canon 10D (digital SLR). Some are scans of slides (mostly) or negatives. Many of the first items in the albums come from my first digital camera, a Canon G2. The originals are all pretty high resolution. I've always wanted to make a living selling my photos, so if there is one you can't live without, let me know. I can create just about any size you need. In the future, there'll be a PayPal way to make donations. (So many things to do!)

All the images have been (will be) normalized to a size of 600x900 (pixels) for vertical (Y) shots and 900x600 for horizontal (X). All the full-size images in the albums are 8-bit PNG which gives a nice compromise between size and quality without JPG (or JPEG if you prefer) compression artifacts. (Which I tend to notice, but that others probably don't.) They vary in size from about 200,000 bytes to about 1,000,000 bytes. With today's data rates, most should appear pretty quickly.

The Old Gallery

The previous etripper site had some VR (virtual reality) items. For now, these are no longer available. HTML-5 has over-taken many of the capabilities of Flash and QuickTime for the things I use to do with them. The most sophisticated VR I'd made was actually a VT tour, but it does not work anymore. The security settings on browsers do not allow the data files the tour relied on to function anymore. Unfortunately, the same technology that let me make a quick and responsive virtual tour was misused by others on the Internet to capture private information.

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